Summer Recreation: Melodious Music.

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(Photos courtesy of, Melissa Askew, William White, Kael Bloom, Greg Weaver, Slim Emcee & Levi Hernández)

You will enjoy hand-clapping, foot-stomping, and sensuous music that is guaranteed to thrill your soul!

Last night was a true rhapsody of music at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel (flyer featured in slide show above). Patrons were thrilled as the fabulous Fab 5 band took us all the way back in time with the music our parents used to dance the night away. Other performers included the talented Gem Myers, Roy Rayon, Pam Hall, and George Nooks. As we shared with family, friends, and others, there was no stopping the crowd’s enjoyment as tapping feet, clapping hands, chorused voices and dancing feet moved to the thrilling sounds from the band stand.

There’s just something magical about a summer concert that transforms the atmosphere!

A favourite summer concert series that I enjoyed were of concerts in the park in the United States where I spent the summer. Every Sunday and Wednesday evening we were thrilled by the stylistic skills of different bands – from military bands and local pop groups to classical schools and fabulous oldies bands. After a while, especially if you sat in your “usual spot,” you could count on the regulars becoming a family. In the park we enjoyed great family time as kids ran and played and pets chased their favourite toys. Mommies, daddies, nanas, granddaddies, toddlers, and big kids shared space on blankets, benches, and camping chairs.

From the first chord until the last chord we were all guaranteed to enjoy the rhythms of the night. There is truly no end to the joy that music enjoyed in the open air can bring.


Why not find out what’s going on in your neighbourhood park this weekend? Or check the updates from your community centre. If you want to travel there are seasonal events all over the world like Woodstock, Reggae Sun Splash, Oktoberfest, Carnival and many other music festivals. You don’t have to miss out on the melodious sounds of the day.
I guarantee that whatever is happening will be a delight to the heart!

I will soon deliver something from nature’s bounty to you. Until then, please visit Teachers, enjoy a special offering in For a Teacher’s Heart.

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