Summer Recreation: Dining Out…

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Looking for a little slice of heaven? Why not try an evening out with a few loved ones? Or a simple lunch date between friends?

One of my most fun things to do is to dine out. Although I don’t do it often, I always enjoy it.
Why? Because I am always surrounded by people that I want to be with celebrating something that unites us.

Sometimes, it’s a special event that my family and I are celebrating – like birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, and graduations. Other times, we have family and friends visiting from out of town who we wish to have the experience.

Where do you go when you want to just sit for a meal and be served by someone else? Where do you go to escape the kitchen for one day of the week/month/year?

We have a favourite restaurant in the city – Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records (See pictures above). It’s become our favourite because we have fond memories of being together as a family there. The ambience is wonderful. And, every time we go there we are celebrating something. It’s truly just a great place to be to relax.

Want to dress up for an evening out? There’s an alcove that promises an exquisite dining experience. The lighting is intimate enough for a party of two or a party of 12. Or, would you rather to stop in for a late lunch meeting with friends? Business casual or just jeans and a fun top are fine for the seating off the main floor. Don’t worry if you show up alone for a nice drink while you enjoy your favourite game, you will find company in fellow patrons tuned into their favourite game.

When was the last time you dined out? You know that you don’t have to break the bank to do it!

You can even split the check with someone. From cafes and dessert shops to diners and exclusive gourmet restaurants – the pick is yours!

Another great way to make dining out affordable is to have a mini reunion with friends. Last year, we had a friend visiting from South Africa. So, a group of us decided to share the checks so that we could all enjoy her visit. For the out-of-towners, we made it an overnight trip, booking into a local hotel. We arrived in time for our lunch date with those who worked within the town. It was great! We picked a restaurant that had a rooftop eating area where we could not only enjoy each other’s company in the wonderful island breeze, but we could also see the town and the beach from our vantage point. The food was tasty; and the conversation flowed freely as we remembered the carefree days of yester-year.

After checking-in to our hotel, we got ready for an evening out with some other friends who were unavailable during the day. This time we went to a restaurant overlooking the ocean. We chose tables outside on the lawn, and relaxed to take in the movie shown each evening. We also ordered some sumptuous local fare from seafood to curried mutton and just plain old burgers.

What more can you ask for when you’re trying to enjoy life on a budget? Good food, great ambience and enjoyable company is all you need to experience a little slice of heaven!

There are so many options for you to treat yourself. So, treat yourself this summer.
Experience a little pleasure in dining out with friends.

A celebration of the bounty of nature is the next project on the table. Until it bears fruit, please enjoy what is already available at Teachers preparing to go back to school in a few months should check out For a Teacher’s Heart which was released recently.

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